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Dear colleagues & friends :

We remind you that currently, the registration and enrollment period of the BARCELONA SUPERMOTOR IPA FEST 2017  is still open with avalilable places.

This is an unique and multi-experience event  that will take place from May 12th to 21st, where everybody, motor fans participants and / or companions will have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive program, by means of our two different choices which are perfectly synchronized and coordinated each other.  Participants will experience many different, unforgettable and  magnificent motor activities.  Non motor fans, will enjoy wonderful trips and visits and will have the chance to share some of the motor activities if they wish. Please see the attached files and videos where you will find all the detailed information of the event and also you´ll watch many of the things and places that you will experience.

The event is open to Police Officers, Fire fighters, Military personnel, Customs and Tax Officers, Security Forces, Emergency Services, Ministries personnel and special invitations by the organization.

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